E-gift cards are perfect for sending deposits.

Paying a deposit doesn’t need to be stressful. I have found many discrete, easy methods for securing our date.
All of the retailers below I will gladly buy from.

Please address the recipient email to my main email address:
When completing the voucher, please leave the ‘Write a Message’ area blank or just type something very discreet like, “thank you”, or “Congrats!"

Out of the retailers below which ones process that transaction instantly?
A. All of the retailers should process the voucher instantly and I’ll be able to use it instantly.
The only exception is Hotel Gift - I will receive the voucher via email instantly, however it takes 24 hours to process and show up on your bank account.

Read more about deposits here.

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Hotel Gift

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Jetstar E-gift card

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Travel Companion


+ How to pay for my flights:

Flight Centre Buy
Jetstar -Buy
Wizz Air - Buy
Virgin Airlines - Buy
Student Flights - Buy

+ How to pay the fee:

Depending on where you are based, I can accept payments via bank transfer.

I can also accept full payment via Transferwise.


+ Conditions:

For extended Travel Companion dates, the conditions below apply:

I would like to meet with the client on at least one occasion before arranging a travel companion date. Its important that we get to know each other and assess whether we are happy to travel together!

The client is required to pay the full fee upfront. Including the cost of the flights. I can possibly accept the payment for the flights in the form of a e-gift card if the particular airline allows it.

Travel information:
I require a copy of the whole itinerary, including any additional transport information, such as airport transfers, trains and taxis. I would like to see a copy of the hotel/accommodation details.

Upon check in at the hotel, I would not like to be added as a guest, as the hotel staff will need a copy of my legal details.I suggest clients check into the hotel as per usual and I can arrive later to meet the client.

I am happy to travel to most destinations with a client. I am not comfortable travelling to the United States
Places I have travelled to with clients before:
Queenstown, New Zealand.
Paris, France.
Reykjavik, Iceland.
Barcelona, Spain.
Miami, US. (Note: I no longer happy to travel to the US)
Santiago, Chile.

Sleeping arrangements:
Please book a suite or a 2 bedroom option. I would like to sleep in my own bed as I am a very light sleeper and I struggle to sleep next to a client. Especially if you snore! If you think this is going to be complicated at check in, I would suggest that I make a reservation myself for my own room, this would be an additional cost. The other good thing about this option is that this solves any questions at check in about having an additional guest. I only need a standard room for myself.

Allocation of time:
Across a full 24hr day, I think it is reasonable to spend up to 16 hours each day with the client, this leaves 8 hours a day for me to sleep, have my own private time, do my own admin, answer emails and text messages whilst I am away.

I am happy to be by your side when we are out in public. I am more than happy to dine with you, have drinks at the bar with you, and walk around and accompany you for all tourist activities. I am happy to take photos of you at certain tourist hot spots also if you would like (I am quite good at taking photos!). I am not comfortable with being too cosy and intimate in public, I do not like to hold hands or tolerate overly flirty behaviours such as kissing in public, cheeky butt grabs or slapping my arse in public (this is a pet hate of mine). I would prefer to let you build up your sexual frustrations for me during the day and then we can go wild when we are in the privacy of the hotel room.

I understand that when you travel to a new destination, all you want to do is take photos! I certainly do and I am quite passionate about photography myself. I do request that clients do no take photos of me without my permission, especially photos that reveal my face. It's highly likely that I'll ask you to take a photo of me with my own camera or my own phone, but I am not comfortable with you using your phone to do this.